Our Companies

Eucalyptus dream, build and run digital healthcare companies under the expert leadership of one of Australia’s pre-eminent startup founders: Tim Doyle.
Eucalyptus uses it’s marketing engine to acquire and retain customers across their growing number of brands. We love the creativity, audacity and speed at which the Eucalyptus team embeds brands in Australia subsequently evolving the way society can approach their own health.

HealthMatch is a platform that connects individuals with clinical trials. For individuals with difficult to cure medical conditions, clinical trials offer a source of hope - they are cutting edge treatments at no cost. For companies developing new cures, clinical trials are an essential part of the treatment development and approval process. We love that HealthMatch are going after a difficult problem that will save many lives, and doing it in a strategically commercial way. 

ZeroCo is on a mission to eliminate single use plastic and delivers incredible home-cleaning and personal-care products direct to your door. Mike Smith and his team start by cleaning up the oceans of plastic-waste and convert to a reusable dispenser whilst refill pouches are made from recycled materials and are returned when completed. We love the environmental purpose catapulting Mike’s determination and ZeroCo’s growth, the all-star team that is assembling and the quality products we can proudly have on display at home.

Skip Capital

Foodbomb is the one-stop shop for restaurants, cafes and caterers to order wholesale food products online. This B2B Saas solution has dramatically increased efficiency and cost savings for the venues putting food on our table. FoodBomb continues to receive great feedback from their clients, has a growing number of strategic partnerships available and displays impressive cohort analysis. 
We love the complimentary skills Paul Tory and Josh Goulburn bring, with their expert domain knowledge and growth hacking ability making them formidable co-founders on the scale up journey.

Fusion Sport created Smartabase - the SaaS platform used by high performance teams globally to collect, analyse and display data from multiple APIs. In doing so the decision makers can optimise preparation and therefore performance for humans in any industry.

We love that the customisable platform quickly becomes ‘mission critical’ to our own decision makers in sport and that the scope of the platform therefore extends to any human performance endeavour including the military and corporate environments.

Who said fast food has to be bad for you? Guzman y Gomez is on a mission to create clean eating mexican fast food that your mum says yes to. It is the go-to option for many athletes both pre and post game. 

We love GYG because of the infectious leadership of Steven Marks and the love he has for his people ensuring a high performance culture that can scale the GYG franchise globally. Feeling hungry? Order GYG now!

If you've ever lost a loved one, you might have experienced a traditional funeral home - and the traditional cost of a funeral. Bare is seeking to change that by bringing simple and affordable cremation services to Australians. They also offer celebrants to plan a unique celebration of life. We love the empathy the founders bring to a difficult topic, and the incredible growth they've shown in the Australian market to date.

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